Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some Music News - New Releases And Live Gigs

Yo, beloved readership,

FBC! is still dormant for the art part - too busy writing something else to write on here - but we're still listening to music at our headquarters.

So in case you don't know it already, this week Swans has released a major, major record, The Seer while Dan Deacon's America is a pretty epic album (in the literal sense of "epic", it tells a majestic if conflicted story). And Richard Hawley's latest is finally available in the US.

Also John Cale has released a new video* for his upcoming record, the one with the absurd title Shifty Adventures In Nooky Wood.  The first leaked track, produced by Danger Mouse, was kind of meh, whereas this one is pretty good, so I'm getting excited about the record. Hopefully it will be possible to preorder the vinyl from the Domino/US site soon because at 30 GBP + postage it's prohibitive right now. Now please someone, have Cale record the excellent A Day In The Life Of The Modern Cold somewhere. He's been playing this song live for the past few years but alas it is absent from the tracks listing of the new record (out October 1st).

Locally, FYF is happening this weekend and I'm not going (too busy + I hate sets that last only 45 minutes) but with Liars, Dinosaur Jr., The Chromatics, James Blake, John Maus, etc. the line up is exciting, and it's only $89. Metro is running until 2 AM, so if you're fortunate to live near a stop, that's an option.

What else? Oh yes. Patti Smith will play at the Wiltern October 12 (tickets on sale next week). And before that Swans plays at The Fonda on Sept. 11 (and I'll be out of town, snap!).

And this Saturday, there will be a performance by Scott Benzel and Mark Hagen in homage to Mike Kelley, at LAXart.

*I tried to embed the video above, not sure it worked, the html does show up on my dashboard but each time I've tried to upload videos recently they were as invisible as our President being berated by Clint Eastwood at the RNC.