Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Coming Back Very Soon

David Miles, Pact, 2005, paper and wire. 

Hello, Beloved And Patient Readership,

FBC! should be back shortly, after a long Summer hiatus spent slaving away on a good hundred + pages of other writing and editing. I know you missed the blog, all 200 of you (on a good day). To whet your appetite, the next post should be the long-awaited review of Tosh Berman's book about Sparks. After this, it's a bit murky, likely some pictures of exhibitions here in Belgium and maybe some music reviews as well, I'm not sure yet.

The image above was taken during a small art fair at a boutique hotel in Brussels about 3 weeks ago. I had gone reluctantly because, you know, boutique hotels = gah but I actually had a blast and not only because of the bottomless champagne. The David Miles artwork was part of a display by Manchester artist-run gallery Paper, and I liked their selection so much I went 3 times in their room to look at it.
 I also discovered there two adorable Belgian art dealers who run a gallery called Transit in Mechelen, which is a bit of a commercial hub in Flanders but only about 15 minutes from Brussels, it's not exactly a suburb but certainly not where I'd expect to find a contemporary art gallery. I'm planning to go visit their space sometimes before the end of the year, so expect some pictures from the exciting Belgian town of Mechelen soon!

In other blog-related news, two posts related to the Mike Kelley exhibitions in Amsterdam and Paris will normally be republished in print with minor edits in the upcoming issue of Frog Magazine. I'm told they're going to put a picture of yours truly wearing a cowboy hat in it. It's a disguise I wear so people don't recognize me in the mean streets of Brussels, a little bit like Scott Walker with his baseball cap and dark shades...

In the meantimes, thanks for your renewed patience and faith in FBC!, the blog that is 100% devoid of any James Franco content (I hope, I haven't checked)!