Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guy de Cointet's Five Sister at LACMA on Friday

There's this on Friday evening at LACMA. Who doesn't like free access to culture? If you can't be arsed to click on the link, lazy you, it's a live performance of a piece by the late Guy de Cointet*. He was a French artist established in Los Angeles, died in 1983, and has been slowly rediscovered over the last 15 years.
So if you have no plans for Friday night, head over to see some cool exhibitions  like the Women Surrealists (it's free after 5 PM for LA County residents), have a quick bite somewhere and attend the 8 PM performance. Everybody I know who's seen them say they were great.

*who, contrarily to what his French proponents like to believe, didn't particularly influence Mike Kelley, even if he liked them very much. Mike said he only saw de Cointet's stuff in the mid-1980s when they were re-staged at MOCA, after he's been doing performances himself for several years already.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Revolution Of The Moon

Forgive me, beloved readers, for I have bad-punned in the post title above.
You see, like most of you, I am deep into  doing my taxes,  meaning I am not setting foot outside the FBC! tax headquarters until I can e-file or mail my return (my preferred method to keep USPS in business and its employees with their jobs) and therefore I am cabin-feverish, hence the delirious bad pun.
I'm fiscally locked-in until Monday, save for the one opening that everybody who's anybody in Los Angeles should go to this Saturday. 8 to 11 PM in groovy Koreatown, where Jennifer Moon, who's actively engaged in her art practice to start a loving revolution, is having her first solo show in about a decade at Commonwealth & Council.

If you go, not only you will have the opportunity to see the badassest show of all the bad ass shows ever, but you can also very conveniently  take home a FREE pocket book of The Revolution-approved literature: Definition of Abundance, Principle 1 of The Revolution (see picture). What's not to love?
Be there, or be the person who will have to lie in 20 years from now when they do Pacific Standard Time-III and pretend you know what it was all about.
Go there, and go support the Revolution of the Moon

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Candor Exhibition At Long Beach City College Gallery

The Candor exhibition at the Long Beach City College Gallery closed yesterday. It was a homage to Mike Kelley, featuring former students of his. Please find a few images of the show below. I took them at night, so apologies for the yellowish tinge in all the picture. It was a really nice show, very tight and holding together beautifully.

 Lisa Ann Auerbach

 Andy Alexander

 Daniel Mendel-Black

Kurt Forman

Sharon Lockhart

 Pam Strugar

I didn't get the exhibition's checklist so I cannot give you the titles nor the dimensions of the works. I know that most artists showed recent work, with the exception of Pam Strugar who decided to show a piece she made for her final MFA show at Art Center when she was Mike's student. The exhibition is over but there are talks about maybe doing a web catalog in the future.