Saturday, April 7, 2012

Candor Exhibition At Long Beach City College Gallery

The Candor exhibition at the Long Beach City College Gallery closed yesterday. It was a homage to Mike Kelley, featuring former students of his. Please find a few images of the show below. I took them at night, so apologies for the yellowish tinge in all the picture. It was a really nice show, very tight and holding together beautifully.

 Lisa Ann Auerbach

 Andy Alexander

 Daniel Mendel-Black

Kurt Forman

Sharon Lockhart

 Pam Strugar

I didn't get the exhibition's checklist so I cannot give you the titles nor the dimensions of the works. I know that most artists showed recent work, with the exception of Pam Strugar who decided to show a piece she made for her final MFA show at Art Center when she was Mike's student. The exhibition is over but there are talks about maybe doing a web catalog in the future.

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