Monday, March 26, 2012

Please Excuse This Momentary Interruption Of Our Regular Programing

...with a truly epic piece of music. One of the most amazing things we've ever witnessed on the youtubes at the FBC! headquarters, so we felt it had to be shared.  The sound quality is great, too.
We can only hope that Jah Wobble, Keith Levene, the guy who's cloning and channeling John Lydon most convincingly (and if you had asked me one hour ago, I'd have said a clone of Lydon wouldn't be such a great idea), their drummer and the guy who plays trumpet (check this other video) will tour the United States very soon, with a stop in Los Angeles.
 I don't think I'd go see the current PIL with Lydon himself, when, you know, the musicians above are producing pure brilliance. I so hope Wobble, Levene, and gang will play here soon. Please, Los Angeles club promoters, bring them here.

It's hard to be truly interested in visual arts there days. Compared to music like this.

The two videos above have been shot during Wobble & Levene current UK tour last Friday and Saturday. A friend of mine flew all the way from NYC to Manchester to see them, and as you can see from the video, it was totally worth it.

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