Thursday, February 24, 2011

Five Hundred And Lame

It's the 500 post on FBC! and as such, I don't know, I should mark the occasion somehow, but instead of writing something about, ah, the state of the art scene/world in Los Angeles or posting yet another Your Social Life listing, I'm going to leave you with a lame "see you in April!". FBC! will be on hiatus until then.

Yours truly just got a massive writing assignment of the kind that comes with a short deadline. So, not only I won't have the time to write/link/aggregate events but I won't even have the opportunity to check what's going on. I may post a few YouTube music thingies, but that will be the end of it. In passing, I looked at the stats the other day, and there was a huge surge of views when I went through the John Cale Is A God period last year. So I may post more of his, who knows....

I'm leaving you with a picture of one of the Jennifer Steinkamp pieces that are currently on view at Acme, and I will see you in April. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your Social Life - It's An Ivan Morley And Culver City Week

Full disclosure, Ivan Morley is an old pal of FBC!, I have written about his work a while ago, but even if it weren't the case, he would still be in my top 3 LA painters (the others being Mark Bradford and Will Fowler. Fowler has 3 exquisite paintings that are currently hanging on a wall at Kordansky, in the office. Don't miss them).

All of his to say that among the myriad of openings this Saturday in Los Angeles, yours truly will only attend the Ivan Morley one at Richard Telles. I'd have gone to the Jon Pylypchuk at China Art Objects too, but the hours are too conflicting, alas.
I'd suggest for all of you who can schedule your tour better than me to start with Morley because it's 5 to 7 PM, and then go to Culver City where, in addition to the Pylypchuk opening, there's also an opening at Fran├žois Ghebaly (Christopher Chiappa, Gareth Long, Sarah E. Wood) and another one upstairs, how convenient, at the charming Emma Gray's EGHQ, with a title that would make you smile no matter what, "I'm So Happy - an ecstatic experience by Kirsten Stoltmann for people". Cherry & Martin also have an opening, Robert Heineken.

In Santa Monica, the valiant 18th Street Art Center has two openings, while on the total opposite side of town, Charlie James presents a group show If These Walls Could Talk - A Conversation. If you are in Chinatown, it is the last weekend for the group show at Cottage Home.

In non art-related matters, I've heard rumors that Sparks was going to play in LA in June, and I can't wait. I have to remind you that The Residents play at the El Rey on April 9. What else could make me happy? Well, if John Cale could cease to tour Europe and honor the city where he lives with a concert, it would be awesome, and could we please have The Fall come visit soon as well?

Have a great art weekend, people, and don't miss Ivan Morley!

Image: Ivan Morley painting from the Richard Telles Gallery website

Friday, February 11, 2011

Your Social Life After The Revolution

I almost forgot to update FBC! this week (oops) so engrossed I was with the current revolution going on in Egypt. Congrats to the Egyptian people for getting rid off their dictator, and let's wish them the very best of luck in accessing  a true, egalitarian democracy with full civil and legal rights for all genders, religions, and sexual orientations. This noise you're hearing? It's the West being scared shitless about losing its empires - they haven't realized the deed is already done.

Meanwhile, our little art world lives in Los Angeles and elsewhere look pretty tame in comparison, don't they? Nonetheless, should you feel so inclined,  there are a few worthwhile openings to attend here, starting tonight with Chadwick Rantanen at Dan Graham in Chinatown. I'm linking to their FB page for the event,  because I never seem to find their website, assuming they have one.

Tomorrow, two really interesting shows, William E. Jones at David Kordansky, and at Steve Turner, a very rare exhibition indeed with James Benning, as well as Jenny Herrick and Pablo Rasgado.
In the vicinity, don't miss at 6150 Wilshire the following: Jennifer Steinkamp has a show at Acme, while Marc Foxx shows David Musgrave. There's also a show at 1301 PE but I'm a bit confused as to what it is except it features some Jack Goldstein artworks, so it's a great reason to go there. But it wouldn't hurt if 1301 PE would put some press release on its website.

Another rarity, Belgian artist Johan Grimonprez at ltd Los Angeles. The show has been up since Wednesday and the official opening is on February 19th, if I believe their website. I should technically tell you about it next week, but I know I won't remember, so here it is.

Picture, from the Steve Turner Gallery website: James Benning, Two Faces, 2010. Single channel video.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Your Social Life In The Art City That Never Stops

As I'm sure many of you were aware, last weekend saw the opening and going of one of the many LA art fairs, as well as the opening of the "invitational" exhibition at the Hammer, plus a gazillion other events.
Which yours truly didn't attend because I managed to get mightily sick, so I've spent the weekend in bed with a fever, cabin fever and my cat. Plus several boxes of tissues.
So, whoever asks my opinion about the fair: sorry, can't do. I'm sure whatever social high people wants to get were attained, that some of the art was good, most of it meh, and even more terrible, and that fun had been had by all.

You would think that after such a weekend, we'd have a lull, but fear not! More art is to be had this weekend.  But before you get any art, be warned that Saturday, February 5th is World Nutella Day, so get some as a fortifying medicine before going on your art rounds.

You can start the day by visiting the future artists being churned out of the MFA program at the USC Roski School of Fine Art, with their open studios, from 4 PM. In passing , they have a great lecture program, with Trisha Donelly next week, Diederich Diederichsen the week after, Mai-Thu Perret in April, etc.

Then your program would ideally take you to Chinatown where some of my pals are in a show at Tom Jancar, Narratives Of The Perverse II.

In Culver City, LAXart serves as a satellite for the LA Invitational with an opening for Kerry Tribe, one of the most interesting  video artist to come out of our fair city (the show was up this weekend already).  At Blum & Poe,  Julian Hoeber shows in the upstairs space  while at Susanne Vielmetter local  darling Jedediah Cesar shares the space with Austrian superstar Elke Krystufek.

And that's pretty much everything for this week. Have fun, don't drink and drive, and enjoy your art.

Picture above is from Kerry Tribe's current show at LAXart from their website.