Thursday, February 24, 2011

Five Hundred And Lame

It's the 500 post on FBC! and as such, I don't know, I should mark the occasion somehow, but instead of writing something about, ah, the state of the art scene/world in Los Angeles or posting yet another Your Social Life listing, I'm going to leave you with a lame "see you in April!". FBC! will be on hiatus until then.

Yours truly just got a massive writing assignment of the kind that comes with a short deadline. So, not only I won't have the time to write/link/aggregate events but I won't even have the opportunity to check what's going on. I may post a few YouTube music thingies, but that will be the end of it. In passing, I looked at the stats the other day, and there was a huge surge of views when I went through the John Cale Is A God period last year. So I may post more of his, who knows....

I'm leaving you with a picture of one of the Jennifer Steinkamp pieces that are currently on view at Acme, and I will see you in April.