Friday, March 2, 2012

Coming Up At Art Spaces Near You

That is, if you live in Los Angeles.  I'm not going to list openings like I used to (too much work, and I can't keep up), only mention a few. And, a show that opened last week and that I hear is absolutely fantastic (haven't been yet myself) is the Mono-Ha exhibition at Blum and Poe. I only heard very good things about it, can't wait to go see it.
This Saturday there are a few openings/events in Chinatown, with Andrew Lewicki at Charlie James Gallery, My Barbarian performing at Human Resources (they're doing a residency there), and a group show that seems promising at Pepin Moore.

Next week, the main things will be Candor (opening on Wednesday),  the group show organized at Long Beach City College Art Gallery in Mike Kelley's memory, with artists who were his students, and an upcoming lecture by yours truly to follow in early April, and  Capsize, with Tad Beck and Jennifer Locke at  LACE (opening on Thursday), while at Glendale College Gallery there will be the opening for David Schafer.

If you're in NYC, don't miss the solo show by our very own Ivan Morley at Kimmerich (it opened yesterday), and opening next week at Theodore Art, the wondrous Alasdair Duncan!

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