Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Revolution Of The Moon

Forgive me, beloved readers, for I have bad-punned in the post title above.
You see, like most of you, I am deep into  doing my taxes,  meaning I am not setting foot outside the FBC! tax headquarters until I can e-file or mail my return (my preferred method to keep USPS in business and its employees with their jobs) and therefore I am cabin-feverish, hence the delirious bad pun.
I'm fiscally locked-in until Monday, save for the one opening that everybody who's anybody in Los Angeles should go to this Saturday. 8 to 11 PM in groovy Koreatown, where Jennifer Moon, who's actively engaged in her art practice to start a loving revolution, is having her first solo show in about a decade at Commonwealth & Council.

If you go, not only you will have the opportunity to see the badassest show of all the bad ass shows ever, but you can also very conveniently  take home a FREE pocket book of The Revolution-approved literature: Definition of Abundance, Principle 1 of The Revolution (see picture). What's not to love?
Be there, or be the person who will have to lie in 20 years from now when they do Pacific Standard Time-III and pretend you know what it was all about.
Go there, and go support the Revolution of the Moon

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