Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coming Back Shortly!

Hello Dear FBC! readers,

Soon coming back with a few posts after several weeks of hiatus, mostly due to trying to meet deadlines and then traveling to NYC.

Note to desperate gallery owners, art dealers and other artists' "agents and representatives" who regularly send me some notes: yes, I do receive your emails, but in case you're oblivious to the fact that bloggers are not paid, I'd like to remind you of a few things:

Namely that writing takes time, and if you've been reading FBC! as of late you would have noticed that not only this is an unpaid, one-woman-operation, but also that yours truly has been in a couple of car accidents in March, has subsequently spent lots of time in physical therapy and has been without a car until 2 weeks ago.

I am truly sorry but I do not spend my time driving to every single gallery show in town to review them. It happens when it happens, if I'm not too busy with something and/or writhing in pain post-accidents, I may mention your show/artist/gallery if I can. Please do not inundate me with emails and press releases and reminders and follow-ups, the only thing it can achieve is making me irritable, even if you are very sweet about it.
I'm happy to receive your current press release, but if I want to review the show you're presenting *it is my own decision*.
Thank you for your understanding (it's called gallery managing/artisanal PR 101).

And for everybody: thanks for your patience!
A vintage Pettibon from the Judith Rothschild Collection fund or whatever it's called, currently at MoMA, to help you wait for the next post.

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