Sunday, June 20, 2010

Richard Paul - Aubergine

The 5-month old Theodore Art Gallery in NYC has recently come under my radar when they exhibited one of my favorite French photographers ever, Eric Poitevin (the other one being Sophie Ristelhueber). Following this exhibition that, alas, I didn't have a chance to see, the owner of the gallery and I started a very enjoyable correspondence. In addition to having impeccable visual taste, she also has a great musical culture, extending from classical to punk to experimental.

The gallery is located in Soho, so, should you find yourself bereft that Jeffrey Deitch has left the neighborhood (just kidding), you know where to find the next generation of the bestest artists there. Ms. Theodore did it again recently by introducing me to the photography of Richard Paul, and after I told her I really liked the picture above, she kindly allowed me to post it to the blog.

Beloved readers, please enjoy Richard Paul, Aubergine. I don't have the date or dimension, which means that if you're in NYC you *have* to drop by Theodore Art and ask about it. It's open on weekends, and as I said, the owner is the loveliest art dealer you could ever meet.

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