Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Bastille Day - Le 14 Juillet

This being a French holiday and yours truly just about to have some champagne with a friend, FBC! won't give you suggestions about what to do or where to go on this Carmageddon weekend. Just wanted to let you know most Culver City galleries are having an opening while Regen Projects and Steve Turner are opening tonight. No linkage as I have no time for this today.

If you're stuck at home, I recommend you pre-order John Cale's next EP, out on August 8, and if you do I recommend you use Paypal rather than a regular credit card, it's a bit smoother that way. I'm glad Cale is now with Domino Records and I hope the LP will be out soon.

Check this space for a The Fall song soon, meanwhile, celebrate Bastille Day like the French do: get something nice to drink, some fromage, some saucisson, enjoy!

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