Thursday, February 5, 2009

FBC! Is On Hiatus Until...

... I'm finished with catching up on what I'm doing right now, with a personal message for Joseph M.
Joseph, you can expect the finished (edited) product by Tuesday afternoon. And yes, you are perfectly within your rights to curse me until the end of times. I promise I will bake you a cake soon after I'm done to make amends, OK? Let me know if you want chocolate or something else.

To everybody: I'm not answering emails of phone calls until I hand over to Joseph what is his due. Besides, I have a backlog of roughly 350 emails in my mailbox from when I was sick that I haven't looked at, excluding the regular junkmail AND the art junkmail. Similarly, thank you for your kind invitations to lunch and dinner, but it will have to wait.

Until then, enjoy your life, and stop thinking about art and gallery openings and shows for the time being. If you still have a real job and some money, instead of going to openings, take your Saturday off to give money and supplies to your local food banks, they need more help than your Trustafarian artist friends and their poor, poor art dealers who made a killing during the market bubble. I'm sorry for them. Really.

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