Thursday, January 29, 2009

Your Social Life, Fast!

FBC! is trying to catch up on everything she wasn't able to do while sick, and alas some additional stuff is backing up the process. So quick, quick, quick, the events you're going to attend this weekend:

Tomorrow Friday, UCLA open studios. Perhaps one of the last time art dealers are going to go to the supermarket and pick up youngsters. Unless I'm wrong, of course. 7 to 9 PM, click on the link for all the info. Goes on until Saturday.

If you prefer to spend Friday night at home, Joel Tauber's piece Sickamour is featured on Ovation at 8 PM and 11PM in the show Brilliant Green. All you ever wanted to know about loving a tree, and much more!

On Saturday Paul Kopeikin inaugurates his new space on Melrose near Robertson, which means after the opening if you're flush you can go have drinks and dinner at Comme Ca.
But also on Saturday, if you are more literary inclined, you can attend the event organized by the Poetic Research Bureau and Les Figues Press at a place called Compactspace which is also the name of a collective. All the info is on the PRB website. It's happening in Downtown LA, so you have the choice of dining options, what with Cole's, Wurtsk├╝che and Church and State (except I cannot find a website for the latter, Steve Arroyo there is something you should think about). If you want to eat at Clifton's, because who doesn't want to eat there, even is the food is meh, anyway, you'd better go have dinner before the reading, as they close at 7.30.

Lastly, there is Sunday, and it's the perfect day to go to Long Beach, yeah (FBC! is seeing a little bit too much of Long Beach right now. Any decent food place near CSULB where I can get some decent dinner to go before 5.45 PM?), any way there is something called Emergence Enchanted and you can get the info on the Phantom Gallery site. And I won't be able to see the show this Monday but I'll try to go before the end of the month. Fallen Fruit is in it, amongst others.
That's all for the weekend, and if you ask me, it's already a lot. Have fun while I frantically try to finish what I have to do!

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