Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FBC Readers, Please A Little Bit More Patience

Hey you beloved, devoted readers,

Apologies for being really absent over the last few weeks. FBC! had the misfortune to catch the stomach flu and a nasty, badass cold all topped by a friggin' migraine, while suddenly having to prepare a brand new, very part-time class, in something like 3 days only. So I had no time nor energy to go gallivanting on the Interwebs or inside art spaces, and I'm still really behind on lots of other things. There will be a very light YSL tomorrow, and that will be it.
I'm aware of the situation at the Rose Museum at Brandeis, and appalled, but I have no time yet to write about it. I also totally missed the LA art fairs and Chinatown openings and Supersonic last weekend, so there's no way I can report on it. Instead, I'd suggest you check this blog for your fix of what happened last week. Tons of pictures to check!
Thanks for being patient, and whenever I have time and inspiration to write about art will find it here.

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