Thursday, November 19, 2009

Your Social Life -Elsewhere This Week

If you live in LA, you can't have missed the hoopla about MOCA's 30th birthday and all the self-congratulatory stuff about the-museum-back-from-the-brink-celebrates-its-gala, with worldwide famous and famed art amateurs Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in attendance, to witness the Francesco Vezzoli orchestrated "performance" with no less than Lady Gaga. In case you wondered, tickets to attend the event started at $5,000.

[if you managed to read this entire first sentence without pausing for breath, you will figure in my thoughts on Thanksgiving. Just write a comment "I didn't die from asphyxia" with your name, and I'll do a performance during the holiday. Promise].

We're all happy for MOCA it didn't die financially, but very sorry it had to succumb to the uppermost vulgarity in order to do so. RIP, aesthetic and intellectual appreciation of art, arise, bling-loving status seekers. As an ad hoc epitaph for the artistic endeavor it used to be, MOCA has put up a show of its permanent collection (the raison d'être of any museum worth its salt) which you can go see for free until I believe tomorrow Friday, both at the Geffen and at the Grand avenue main building. Hurry, you'll have to wait 30 more years before you're able to see it again!

Aside from celebrating MOCA's anniversary, there are a bunch of shows opening this Saturday you can go visit, but you won't find yours truly, because I'll be doing my annual pilgrimage from downtown to the sea. It's this French catholic heritage where we have to redeem ourselves or something, so I'm trying to expiate all the current vulgarity of the art world by doing ... something else.

But for you, local LA arts people who didn't grow up in a place where vulgarity was frown upon from birth, you don't have anything to expiate so you can go out and attend a few openings. I'd recommend highly the two shows opening at Steve Turner, where I would go myself but I won't be fit to, the high point being "Amir Zaki" selects. There's also China Adams whose work seems attractive, so make sure to come by and see it. If you feel like it you can also participate in the Miracle Mile Art Walk.
You can then race down to La Cienega and enjoy Sharon Lockhart's new show at Culver City new behemoth, the Blum & Poe giga-mega-insane new building. Before or after, cross the street but for the life of everything that's holy and sacred, don't jaywalk, so you can safely go and see the new exhibition at LAXart, featuring Alice Könitz (and a lot of other things, but you can click on the link and see for yourself, you lazy readers). You can also go help Side Street Project by participating to Bookmeat. There's also an opening at Roberts & Tilton.

If you are possessed with an invite, I think Saturday is also the opening of the show curated by Hou Hanru at REDCAT. But only if you have an invite, you lucky member of the exclusive elite.

If you're in Chinatown (and, between MOCA's B-Day, and REDCAT, I see with my psychic powers a very downtown-centric evening for you art people) you can of course attend the various openings at Chung King Projects, China Art Objects and Tom Solomon/Cottage Home.

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