Thursday, November 5, 2009

Your Social Life - Not At Performa Edition!

In case you haven't noticed, right now in NYC the performance festival Performa 09 (watch out, noisy website) is going on. It seems to have expanded exponentially since the 1st edition to the point that there are now some -off Performa events, and even some -off -off Performa ones. It all looks confusing to me, but I'm not in NYC this weekend, I'm in LA where as usual some stuff is going on.

To begin with, I'm making an exception to my usual policy of not mentioning the events promoted by begging and/or nagging PR people because these ones actually asked very politely and nicely that I spread a bit of "internet love" about their event. So here it is, an auction at Track 16 and a party for Rachel Rosenthal, her 83 birthday bash. Like all Track 16 events it is likely to be fun, so if you are not a broke-ass Frenchy like myself and can spend $25, go and have fun and maybe you can also buy one of the 83 art pieces donated by the likes of Mike Kelley, Betye Saar, Ed Ruscha or John Baldessari. Happy Birthday Rachel Rosenthal!

On Friday if you're in West LA, don't miss Filophile at Jaus, with FBC! pal Chris Sicat. Note that a portion of all sales will go to a relief organization helping the victims of Typhoon Ondoy which recently devastated the Philippines.
Don't forget the Pacific Design Center Design Loves Art Series curated by Diana Thater and Helen Varola. Opening from 5 to 8 PM on Friday, with a special Art Catalogues pop-up store and many interesting artists.

On Sunday in Eagle Rock, you can attend the event organized by Outpost for Contemporary Art, the Monster Drawing Rally, where many LA artists will make drawings in public, Dave Muller will DJ (if you don't know it yet, he's a badass fabulous DJ). The drawings will then go on sale for $75 each, not bad if you look at the list of over 100 artists involved. Donation required of $10 at the entrance. And while you're in Eagle Rock, you will only be a stone throw from Pasadena where Offramp Gallery opens Small Works between 2 and 5 PM.

Lastly, if you're one of my numerous readers in the Pacific Northwest (hello! Any readers outside of Eugene and Portland here? Seattle, can you hear me?), originating in LA but launching this weekend in Seattle and later in Vancouver (the one in Canada) is the #2 issue of Area Sneaks, a literary and art journal to which your truly has contributed. It's out! You can buy it! No proceed of the sales will go into my pocket, so the shameless self-promotion is truly disinterested!
Have a great weekend happy FBC! readers!

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