Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Social Life - Unadorned This Week

FBC! is back, but aside from yesterday's outing, not feeling very social (I find schmoozing excruciatingly difficult), so I haven't paid much attention to recent openings. This week it's Memorial Day weekend, where everybody is BBQ-ing something or other, so there aren't that many openings this Saturday. The two worthwhile ones being the group show curated by Michael Ned Holte at Tom Solomon/Cottage Home (please say hi to Tom for me) and the two solo shows openings at Ted Turner.

And while I'm it: dear gallerinas and other art people sending me press releases, if you REALLY read the blog, I'd much rather receive your press releases the very week your show is opening, preferably early in the week, say on a Tuesday. It makes my life easier. remember, FBC! is only a labor of love, your non-existent ads don't pay for nuthin', so I mention you only if I feel like it. Also, I understand you guys not wanting people to grab pics on your website, but please send one or two pics attached to your release. It pains me when I want to feature an upcoming show and I have no picture to post.
Thank you.

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What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.......................................................