Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your Social Life - Gray Day, Dan Graham, Stephanie Taylor, Matthew Brannon And Other Luminaries

 Stephanie Taylor, Wiffles, 2010, fiber print, 8 x 10 inches

Quickly, lots of things are happening this week, with LACMA's opening a Blinky Palermo retrospective and a William Eggleston one. The opening is tomorrow evening, the show opens to the public on Sunday.
On Friday there is the finissage of the inaugural show at Greene Park gallery in Chinatown, with FBC! pal Peter Wu in the show while on the opposite side of town, there is a panel discussion at Las Cienegas, the politics of art. There's also a show opening at Loyola Marymount University, curated by Ronald Lopez (in passing, the Guerrilla Girls were doing a talk there on Monday night, and the LA Art Girls were at a panel there today. Would love to hear some feedback from both talks).

Saturday Dan Graham opens at Regen Project, while in Culver City there are a few openings of interest, such as Matthew Brannon at Kordansky (I love his work, at least what  little I've seen of it) and Gray Day at Roberts & Tilton, a group show curated  by Noah Davis with the ever excellent Juan Capistran and Mark Dutcher as well as Natascha Snellman and PJ Risse, among others. China Art Objects has the Thomas Helbig show opening too.

If you are in NYC tomorrow evening Thursday, don't miss Stephanie Taylor's exhibition at Marc Jancou.

Meanwhile, I can only recommend you go down the bloody 405 and brave traffic to go to OCMA and see the California Biennial. I think it's the best I've seen so far, not only because the choice of artists is pretty tight (save a few meh things here and there, as Emma Gray was reminding me last weekend) but the show is very well installed. I haven't had the time to upload my pictures yet but whenever life's less hectic I'll put up a few memorable images.

Speaking about shows that are still up, don't miss Alberto Burri at the Santa Monica Museum of ArtMy Barbarian also has a show up at the Hammer, which I haven't had the opportunity to see yet, but I'm looking forward to it, when I'll get the chance to see the Eva Hesse and Mark Manders shows as well as the selection from the Grunwald collection by Frances Stark.

Apologies if I have forgotten something, life's been pretty shambolic this year and I never seem to catch a break, so the blog's suffering, and so is my other writing. Have a great weekend filled with art, and when things go back to seemingly normal to me maybe I'd get around to do more art writing, or at least post more pictures of shows. 

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