Thursday, October 14, 2010

Your Social Life - This Time REALLY Give A Fig

Everybody's in London for Frieze this week, meaning we're having a peaceful moment to go see exhibitions in Los Angeles. That is, if your  vehicle doesn't keep on dying on you every two days or so, and that, unlike me, you don't spend precious time and elusive cash dealing with it.
This explains, among other things, why your truly is being very absent-minded these days, to the point I totally confused the date for the Give A Fig benefit at LACE in the last blog post. It's this Sunday, so apologies to whoever has been confused by last week's post.

So what's going on in LA this weekend, you will ask me? Plenty of things!
Doug Harvey has a show at the excellent ALIAS bookstore, the branch in Atwater village. It opens tomorrow, 7 to 9 PM, and you can peruse books as well. Harvey also has a show at Jancar next week.

Pearl C Hsiung has an opening at Steve Turner on Saturday, and so does Roger Herman, on Saturday evening, while in Chinatown the excellent Jennifer Bolande has an opening at the no less excellent Tom Solomon.

Thursday next week, Zoe Crosher has a show with Dan Graham (the "space", so to speak, not the artist, and they still don't have a website?)  and at Charlie James, if I understand the press release correctly.

Now, speaking about the LA crowd currently roaming the Frieze art fair, I warmly recommend you go attend two events. Tomorrow you can attend Aleksandra Mir and Assume Vivid Astro Focus book launch party at White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, a.k.a the toilets of the George & Dragon pub. The other event will happen at the exact same location on Sunday where Elmgreen & Dragset will perform "a public act", between 9 and 11 PM.
These are the only two things that make me regret not being in London.

Meanwhile, for the few John Cale nutcases fans now following FBC!, I have the pleasure to announce that our favorite Welsh legend will be performing in Melbourne, Australia for the International Arts Festival, doing When Past And Future Collide (the Paris 1919 + medley) on Saturday, something called Seven Songs to Leave Behind next Saturday and "noises in my head - an intimate evening" where presumably he will talk about his career and there will be a Q&A. The Australians seem to really like John Cale, as you can see, and there's an excellent radio interview here to prove it.

OK, have a great weekend everybody, with tons of art, music, friends and fun.
It all made me nostalgic for Melbourne & Australia, I wish I could go back one day, it's such a fantastic city.

(pics above, Jennifer Bolande, from Tom Solomon's website)

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