Sunday, July 29, 2012

FBC! Will Be Dormant For The Rest Of The Summer

Howdy, thin but devoted readership!

This short message is brought to you by my cat, who you can see napping above with a favorite toy. It's Summer, FBC! Central has some other stuff to do, so barring any emergency or weird coup like a ditched Deitch  or a broad sweep of the Board at the MOCA sinking ship, there won't be any writing of note on here for quite a while.

The FBC! headquarters will be busy with many things not directly art-related save for a massive writing endeavor of the print variety that should keep us occupied for about a year and a half,  so we don't foresee much blog writing for several weeks, or even for a few months. There might be some fundraising appeal on here for that project in the next few weeks but that should be all.

Lastly, I had tried to write a blog post about how fantastic the Jack Goldstein retrospective at OCMA was but somehow that draft kept on turning into mud. So I will only urge you to drive down and see it, because it's amazing. And if you live in NYC, happiness will be bestowed upon youse as well, because the retrospective is going to the Jewish Museum in the Spring.

Ah, and incidentally, FBC! is 5 years old, yeepee! Not sure it will live to be 6, to be honest...

Have a great end of the Summer ya'all.

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