Friday, July 6, 2012

Help Pat Fish And Max Eider Record A New Jazz Butcher Album!

Howdy, beloved if thin readership. It's going to be short. The Jazz Butcher, one of my favorite bands growing up, has lots of material to make a new records, but no funds. They started  a fundraising effort today, and in less than 8 hours have already enough pledges that it is 99% funded. Now, the last 1% is the hardest to reach, so please, help those two gentlemen adventurers get out of their Weston-Super-Mare retirement home and pledge some $$$. You'll get goodies in exchange, and my eternal gratefulness. And if you live in Europe and are a bit more loaded than yours truly, you might even get Max and Pat to play in your living room. To pledge some dough, go here. And yes, they accept Paypal.

Come on, be more generous than MOCA* Board members doing nothing to save their institutions, give some of your hard-earned money to the Jazz Butcher!

*I'm not going to write anything about the MOCA crisis as it develops. In a nutshell, the Board of Trustees needs to get replaced en masse, and a new director who knows what they're doing hired. 

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