Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We're Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Hello, dear beloved and faithful readership (what's left of you anyway),

After a long dormant period due to the throes of relocation - we're still in the midst of it - FBC! is back with just a few snippets of info.

Next post will be devoted to the Mike Kelley retrospective that recently ended in Amsterdam, that is if I manage to put up the pictures I've taken of the show on the blog. I've been having trouble uploading pictures and videos in the past, so we'll see what I can do. Speaking of Mike Kelley, I will launch an Indiegogo in the next few weeks to help finance the book I am writing about his work, partially based on my dissertation, + new research. Stay tuned and if you can, please contribute and pass around once the link is up.

After that post I'll also report on the Stedelijk Museum permanent collection, where the curators have been doing a stellar job of highlighting women artists, I thought.

Meanwhile, some news. The Louvre has a new director, yay, and the director the powers that be selected is an excellent professional, Jean-Luc Martinez. He used to teach Greek art classes within the museum space when I was a student at the Louvre way back in the last century and he was a lovely man as well as a passionate (then future) curator. He's also someone who comes from a very humble background, unlike most French curators, so it's heartening to see him chosen for the job. We wish him the best of luck and the most success in his new position.

Unrelated, but the ever excellent Tosh Berman, former book buyer at Booksoup, and publisher of Tam Tam Press has a book out about the band Sparks, Sparkstastic! and he's doing a mini book tour on the West Coast like, right now. Tosh has the best blog ever and in person is the sweetest, nicest man you could ever meet, in addition to having excellent musical and literary taste. He's also the son of the late Wallace Berman, whose work you should check out as well. [I'm linking to Amazon for Tosh's book but as usual, don't buy from the evil Jeff Bezos but go instead to your brick and mortar independent bookstore to get it].

Lastly, this is highly personal but two of my friends just finished their dissertations and passed their defense exam with flying colors. Congrats to Laurence Pen and Bénédicte Ramade for their achievements, having been there myself a decade ago I know how hard it is. Here's to wishing them lots of publications and speaking gigs!

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