Sunday, June 1, 2008


Sorry I left you out in the cold, dearest FBC! readers, I've been again struck by good luck, ha!
So, I'm afraid I'm going to let you all alone for a little while, I'm sure you'll welcome the quiet respite. Meanwhile, I have a couple barter proposals for you to consider. Please drop me a line at FBC! if you're interested.

1. I'd exchange a 2001 red Hyundai Tiburon against a Honda Civic, any year between 1996 and now, mileage between 100 and 150K. The Tiburon has had over $700 of work put in it over the last month or so, but it starts only after AAA tows it to a mechanic. If you keep it running continuously (thus generously contributing to global warming) it's fine. Just never switch off the ignition. It has only 83,000 miles on the original engine.
If you don't have a Civic, I'd consider a horse and a few riding lessons.

2. I'd exchange [I'll let you figure out that one] against some cool, reliable, nice, smart and funny new friends. Bonus if your friends live in the Mid-City/Mid-Wilshire area.

3. I'd exchange my non-paying, blogging occupation against a curator job, possibly in Los Angeles. I curate shows that attracts foot traffic, are fun and highly unusual. I stay within budget and even raise money I do not use, and all publications I've put together have sold out extremely fast. Be prepared to deal with a very art historically minded curator: I'm interested in work with lasting power for the collection. I refuse to get artworks in the collection only because the artist is cute.

4. I'd exchange cooking and baking lessons against a good health insurance. See the blog for ideas of what I could teach you to make. I can also show you how to shop for healthy, quality food. The health insurance should cover back surgery and spinal injuries rehab.

5. I'd exchange roughly 400 or 500 books or so against a TV that's not ugly, and some speakers for my iPod. The books' subject are, in descending order: 1. Philosophy and critical theory, 2. Anthropology, sociology, history. 3. Art history, art catalogues. 4 Fiction (mostly contemporary) 5. Terrible detective novels 6. Cookbooks.
Please be aware 80% of the non-fiction books are in French.

So if you have all of these (1. and 2. are what I need most), let me know. Meanwhile, no FBC! until July or so, if I reopen the blog. It's a it complicated to report on art stuff when your car isn't reliable. So no reviews of th California Video show, which I was set to see today.
Ah, I'm not exchanging Pomme against anything else on the planet. I just love that picture of her. It makes me want to be Pomme.

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