Friday, April 24, 2009

Coming Soon On FBC!

Hello everybody,

first of all apologies for the light posting since March, as I was saying 2 car accidents in 2 weeks have been taking their toll and what with the doctor visits, finding a lawyer, my car not being repaired yet and all that, I'm not very able and fit these days. A bit better, but my back still hurts and my right shoulder/arm too, so typing and being in front of the computer are uneasy at best. Mostly I get exhausted incredibly fast, and I can't go anywhere (see car still at the shop) so my art sightings-and-writing are down to zero these days.

BUT I am very pleased to announce that in the next few weeks FBC! will have a new collaborator who's going to post some short fiction in this very space, and maybe sent in a few photos too. We're still ironing out a few things but very soon you will have the pleasure of discovering a brand new writer here. To celebrate this new upcoming collaboration, I'm posting a picture of a cake recipe I invented (with chestnut flour and cocoa powder) and also to mark my B-Day a little bit (it was Wednesday, if you really want to know) since I couldn't do much.

So stay tuned, and very soon you will be able to read quality fiction here! I'm so excited!

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