Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stone Summer Theory Institute: "What Do Artists Know?"

Hi Everybody,

FBC! is briefly back to let you know about a week-long seminar c0-organized this September by James Elkins at the School of the Art Institute Of Chicago. I'm pasting the text below to give you and idea, with a link to the website so if you are interested you can apply. The cool thing is, while you're there you can go enjoy the art at the AIC, go visit the MCA and maybe the Renaissance Society as well!

"The Stone Summer Theory Institute is week-long school in contemporary art theory. It is held in Chicago, in September, at the School of the Art Institute. It will result in a series of books involving over 300 scholars.
The theme for this year is "What do artists know?" -- we will consider the principal theories of studio art education, including the First Year, the BFA, MFA, and PhD; and we will compare practices in different countries. The faculty include Sir Christopher Frayling, Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen (an authority on art teaching in Europe), and Roy Sorensen (a philosopher known for his work on paradoxes, thought experiments, and other things that involve models used to describe artists' knowledge).
The two co-organizers of this year's event are Frances Whitehead and James Elkins.
During the week, the faculty lead 27 hours of seminars. The seminars are closed to the public but open to 15 Fellows; the deadline for applications is June 15. Funds are available for travel and accommodation. To apply, please see the instructions on the website:

The public events (panel discussions, evening lectures, etc.) are all free to all School of the Art Institute faculty, staff, students, and alums."

[The picture above is a piece by Nathan Mabry I recently saw at Happy Lion.]

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