Thursday, October 1, 2009

Your Social Life At 400!!!!!

400 posts that is, in a little bit over 2 years. You've noticed FBC! has been rather disengaged from really writing recently, it's because, well, the art world is a bit un-motivating these days.
Little gestures here, gesticulations over there, amnesiac artists re-enacting performances from 30 years ago without doing any research prior to ripping-off older artists, no real critical debates per se beyond the "oh-I-can't-believe-museums-are-showing-private-collections-as-exhibitions" so-called scandals. It's called kissing donors and future donors asses because there's no friggin' public money in this country to build real public collections, and don't give me this "oh but museums are tax-exempt" crap. Just to give you an example, I just saw a statistic saying that 47% of Americans this year will be too poor to file a tax return, which mean that in practice they are tax-exempt for 2009. Do you see these very same tax-exempt people running around investing into "assets" to build for the future? Exactly.
Anyway, what can you expect from a country whose politicians cannot establish a decent and affordable health care system for everybody. No way they'll tackle public access to the visual art next.

All of this to say I haven't seen much around the galleries and museums lately that I found interesting, so I don't really feel like writing at all. Plus, let's face it, I'm still having trouble to move around too much.
But I can still announce the openings here I think you should go, and basically there are only two I can think of this week.

One is by invitation only, but if you don't have one you can go see the show on Sunday anyway, the paintings of Charles Burchfield at the Hammer, curated by one of FBC!'s private God, artist Robert Gober (it's unrelated but in passing, if you can ever find the interview he did with Vija Celmins it's really beautiful).
There's a really cool preview of the show by Gober on the website.
If you have an invite, you know the opening is this Saturday, yay!

This Saturday too is the big extravaganza for the opening of Blum & Poe new space, exactly across the street from the now old one. It's a gigantic warehouse, and they're showing all the artists from the gallery, and methinks it's gonna be a zoo the chances of seeing my diminutive Frenchy self there are pretty slim.

Lastly this weekend is Free For All Museum Day/Weekend in Los Angeles (and also Orange County). Some museums are free on Saturday, some on Sunday and others both days. Complete list is here. I'd advise you call ahead to check if "free admission" means permanent collections only or also temporary exhibitions, and to double-check if "special ticketed exhibitions" are included as well. Maybe I'm blind or I've mis-read but regrettably I don't find LACMA in this list. But if you haven't gone yet and can spare the super expensive admission please go see the last day of Pompeii and The Roman Villa, it is such a gorgeous show.

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