Sunday, August 8, 2010

John Cale Song Of The Week - Forever Changed, The National Anthem Of Art People

It's Summer, FBC! is taking a small vacation away from art-related posts, but continuing with the John Cale Song Of The Week.
This week,  his collaboration with his frenemmy Lou Reed on the Songs For Drella project they did as a homage to Andy Warhol (first performed in 1989, then released in 1990), and the song Forever Changed.

I always thought of this song as the national anthem of art people, those of us who left behind whatever there was to leave, because our lives have been forever changed by art. Or music, or literature, or cinema.

I just wished there weren't those atrocious French subtitles in the video. Also, I prefer the record version (with slightly different lyrics), if only because on the album it doesn't sound as if Reed tries to crap all over Cale's singing with his boring guitar prowess. Yes, Lou, we  all know you can play guitar, now maybe a bit less loud would benefit everybody.

Not much else to add, except encouraging you once again to buy John Cale's music and to go see him at Royce Hall on September 30th if you are in the US, and at the Salle Pleyel in Paris on Sept. 5 if you are in Europe.


DougH said...

If all the art world was replaced by John Cale songs, it would be OK by me!

Frenchy but Chic! said...

wouldn't it be nice?