Monday, August 23, 2010

John Cale Song Of The Week - Gravel Drive

Hello, hello,

sorry for being a bit late in posting this week's installment in our Summer series, The John Cale Song Of The Week. Been a bit partying this weekend, with predictable results. Now you know.

Now the thing with John Cale is, the man has produced something like 40 albums, so it's sometimes difficult to make a choice, week in, week out. I was discussing with somebody (hi Olivier!) posting several versions of his cover(s) of Heartbreak Hotel, but I'll save this for next week so I can post a more recent song, Gravel Drive, just in case you guys would think Cale was only good in the 1970s. He was awesome in the 1970s, but so was he in the 1980s, the 1990s, the '00s and of course the '10s.

Gravel Drive came out on his record Black Acetate (2005), the last album Cale had issued (if you don't include Circus Live, 2007). Word on the street is he has lots of new songs he'd love to release but no record company to back him up. That's a shame.

In case you would think I'm a complete John Cale nut - and I wouldn't blame you if you did - I'd love to bring to your attention the website Fear Is A Man's Best Friend, maintained by the ultimate Cale fan and nourished by equally batshit-crazy other numerous fans. These people keep a head count of the number of water bottles Cale has on stage.
I'm not there *yet*. I don't even own all of Cale's records, and I'm only talking about the official ones, not the bootlegs.
So, if the postings I've been putting up this Summer in anticipation of Cale's concert at Royce Hall on September 30 have whetted your appetite, please check Fear Is A Man's Best Friend for all the info I'm unable to provide you with, and then some more.

Speaking of which, a friend of mine (hi Mark!) has pointed out this blog post Doug Harvey of the LA Weekly fame (he's also a curator and an artist, check him out!) has uploaded this week. Methinks he's been reading a bit too much into your truly's series... or maybe not. Thanks anyway!

I'll probably resume the YSL posts in about 3 weeks, and maybe put more art stuff too, but meanwhile I'm busy getting "ready for work, ready for work... I clean my llllaptop everyday, that's why my lllllaptop is my frrrrrriend", uh, no, doesn't sound so good. That's why you guys should buy Cale's music here (so you know, you're ready for the concert) and see you at Royce Hall in about a month.

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