Thursday, July 29, 2010

Your Social Life In Anniversary Mode And The Last One Before September

Hello, hello, dear beloved readers,

It has just occurred to me that FBC! was born about 3 years ago, after the first in a series of car accidents that screwed up my life and my body big time; hence the "I can't stand up, I can't hold my neck, my back is killing me, I cannot move my shoulder, I have a mofo of a migraine" litanies spread out from post to post.
Initially not mainly an art blog, FBC! of late has mostly morphed into a public service aimed at letting you know about exhibitions openings in LA. This has been largely due to a) months and months of physical therapy not letting me enough energy to write nor the physical ability to go out and write about what I've seen b) art world fatigue and c) there's no c.

All of this to let you know I'm taking a break from writing here until September, because I have a load of other writing to do and FBC! tends to get in the way, time-wise.
I'll probably post a few pics of shows I've seen recently to fill you in, but not much more, save for the John Cale Of The Week posts, because there's nothing more sublime, genius, awesome, troubling, ethically and intellectually right as John Cale, and if every artist, curator, writer, gallerist, collector in the art world started to act more like John Cale (the sober John Cale) and less like celebretards, life would become much more interesting and beautiful and maybe there would be, ah, I don't know, hope and change made visible. You know, good art being produced, of the challenging, life-changing, epoch-defining kind.

So, the last few things I wanted to mention here before the break: the mini-festival Perform Now! in Chinatown (and elsewhere), starting tonight and ending on Sunday, riding on the current popularity of performance art. It's the second edition and I remember perfectly well missing the first one last year because my car was still at the shop, and I wasn't fit to stand up for very long anyway. Which sucked big time because Simon Leung was performing.

This year I'll attend my friend Nancy Popp's performance on Sat. starting at 2 PM and lasting until 8 PM, "all over Chinatown", on various rooftops.  I also recommend the recently-married Skip Arnold (hi Skip!), and there's also Dorit Cypis, Warren Neidich, Matias Viegener, etc. Check the full program on the link above, or on the Facebook event page.
I'm not snubbing the rest out of conceit, but I really need to write, and there's way too much going out in LA in the Summer.

Like, on Sunday, the Fallen Fruit Public Jam event held in conjunction with their Eat LACMA series. I'm sure it will be fun, but I can't attend. Make sure to bring your own fruit. They don't say anything about bringing your own jars and teaching you how to sterilize them, as far as I can tell, nor do they recommend you to macerate your fruit in sugar overnight to bring out the flavors before you cook your jam. Hhhm. I guess it's one of these things where the process matters more than the result.

This being said, have a great weekend, and Happy Birthday FBC!

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