Thursday, July 22, 2010

Your Social Life

 And now back to our usual programming (can't wait to post the next John Cale Song Of The Week).

Your social life will be richly enhanced tonight if you swing by the Pacific Design Center, the new home of anotheryearinla, and get to see the show where FBC!'s über-fave, Stephen Kaltenbach is in.

Saturday, if you happen to be in Riverside, don't miss the reading by A.W. Hill at Riverside Arts Project at the Riverside Plaza (Central Avenue Riverside, CA
3545 Central Ave. between Chico’s and El Torito in conjunction with the Terminus Nodus exhibition by Multipoint), from 4 to 6 PM.
Still on Saturday, Scott Benzel whom you know without knowing him (he's behind the soundtrack of the Mike Kelley/Michael Smith "A Voyage of Growth and Discovery") is playing at Kings Road Park Pavilion.  Yes, he's the handsome man in the photo above. FBC! is alas too broke to attend, but you can buy tickets here. And, incidentally, have a look at what SASSAS does for sound art and experimental music in LA. I never get to talk about the Cindy Bernard-founded non profit and it's a shame. Support it, people!

Still in Los Angeles, but in Chinatown, the always delightful Charlie James has an opening at his gallery, Nery Gabriel Lemus.
In the already opened category, I warmly recommend spending a whole day at LACMA where, between John Baldessari, Cathy Opie, Tad Beck (within the Thomas Eakins exhibition) and Fallen Fruit (great wallpaper) plus the permanent collection, there are loads of great things to see.  

If you feel more comfortable in a smaller setting, don't miss the fantastic Amir Zaki show at LAXart (I'm not so wild about the Divola show at the same place) and the group show at Cottage Home as well as the one at Tom Solomon. Pics to follow soon. If you are not as broke-ass as FBC!, I think you should invest in the artist book Zaki has produced. It's gorgeous, and for an artist book really cheap.

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