Sunday, July 25, 2010

John Cale Song Of The Week - E Is Missing

In today's installment of the "John Cale Song Of The Week", E Is Missing. I chose this one because it is a somewhat recent (2003) song, in contrast to all the goodies oldies and oldies goodies I have posted so far. As you can see (and hear) Mr Cale is still at the top of his form, no matter what. How cool and sexy is that? Tremendously cool and sexy.
I also chose E Is Missing because it references Ezra Pound, so maybe the not-so-well-read among my readership (just kidding! I know you're super-educated, all 9 of you) will be tempted to check Ezra Pound's writings out. And read about him and decide for yourself if his, ahem, fascist proclivities before and during WWII have any bearings on your appreciation of his writings.

As all John Cale's songs posted here, I can only strongly encourage you to BUY his music. E Is Missing belongs to the 5 Tracks record that you can, how convenient of me to let you know this, buy here. And of course, don't forget to get yourself a ticket for his September 30 concert at Royce Hall.


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