Thursday, July 8, 2010

Your Social Life

These two upcoming weekends will be all about Juan Capistran, FBC!'s favorite emerging artist who should become big, big, big, his work is so good. Juan is currently flying to Mexico for a show is in, so I'm not sure he will be back on time to attend the opening of Bubble and Squeak on Saturday at Happy Lion in Chinatown, 6 to 8 PM. He's going to be in 2 other group things between July 17 and 19, more about this next week.

Still in Chinatown, but tomorrow,
Animal Style: The New Warrior, organized by Drew Heitzler, with such luminaries as Scott Benzel, Justin Beal, Jedediah Caesar, or Emily Halpern and many more, at Pepin Moore (beautiful website, in passing).

A Doug Harvey curated/organized/input event happening at Post tomorrow,
Mannlicher Carcano. Linking to the FB page for the event here.

And, on Saturday, yet another opening at Steve Turner, RJ Messineo and Brian Kennon. Another opening too at Las Cienegas Projects, celebrating their first anniversary with Aaron Wrinkle and Guests.

And before I sign off, congrats to Amir Zaki whose work is featured on home decorating blog Apartment Therapy, but most importantly you will be able to see it in person at LAXart next week.

On Sunday, don't forget to cheer Spain in the World Cup Final. And, on Monday, you can attend the screening of the Michael Smith/Mike Kelley A Voyage Of Growth And Discovery at REDCAT, which will allow you to follow their narrative on a single screen.
and, that's all for the weekend. Have fun.
Sounds positively exciting.

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