Sunday, August 1, 2010

The John Cale Song Of The Week - I Keep A Close Watch

To continue with our Summer ongoing series, anticipating the Welsh genius's concert at Royce Hall on September 30, today's song is "I Keep A Close Watch", the song that should have given Cale an interplanetary hit. I never understood why he never got famous with this one (or with Big White Cloud). Here's a live version,  but my all time favorite is the shortened titled "Close Watch" on Music For A New Society, which is also my favorite John Cale record.

I'm afraid one day some piss-poor cover by a vapid, inept R&B "singer" will be used for a stupid Hollywood movie and will destroy that song. But if it puts money in Cale's pocket, maybe it wouldn't be so terrible. Before something like this happens, please buy John Cale's music, and go see him at Royce Hall this Fall.You won't regret it.

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