Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Record Store Day Is April16

FBC! interrupts her writing session to let you know April 16 is Record Store Day, when you can do the unthinkable, that is walk into a record store, see what's out there, talk to some real human beings who are also knowledgeable about their wares and buy vinyls, or, if you really insist, CDs. Beats soulless mp3 any day, no?

It's all very well, you'll say, but are there still record stores around? Of course there are and here in Los Angeles,  like good bookstores they even abound. This blog very handily published a list, to which I'll add Origami Vinyl in Echo Park and Vacation Vinyl in Silverlake, and Atomic in Burbank. And, the latest project that I really like, the roaming vinyl truck just launched by Butter Vinyl. They have a website too, which I find a bit complicated to navigate  and would deserve a better layout, but don't let that deter you and please follow them, but most importantly, buy records from them and all the aforementioned stores. Nothing better than putting a vinyl on the turntable and hear that warm sound coming out of the speakers.

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