Friday, December 7, 2007

Julie Lequin Book Launch!

Next week is when THE event where (unlike Art Basel Miami Beach) YOU HAVE TO BE SEEN happens!
Julie Lequin's artist book is being launched, and it's awesome, and in the proud tradition of artist books you can actually buy a book that is also an artwork! So you and the Getty and the Pompidou Center and my own chic Frenchy self will have in common the collecting of artist books (that will be the 3rd or 4th one in my huge extended collection). If you've never bought or owned an artwork before, now is the moment to start!

If you follow the link to 2nd Cannons below you will see you can pre-order your artwork at the discounted price of $27,50 which includes a DVD AND free shipping. Now I'm very excited to let 2nd Cannons and Julie explain a bit more to you:

2nd Cannons Publications is relieved (and very excited) to finally announce the release Julie Lequin's first book The Ice Skating Tree Opera - Director's Cuts (as a Book and DVD) . Now available for preorder, Julie's book will be released on Dec 15.

On Saturday December 15, we're hosting a Los Angeles "Book and DVD Launch Dancing House Partay" for two of our recent releases: Julie Lequin's Ice Skating Tree Opera - Director's Cuts and for Ami Tallman's There Weren't Many Girls Around So We Dated Ideologies, This Left Us Always on the Brink of War... details are below.

The discount: For our mailing list, The Ice Skating Tree Opera - Director's Cuts is available for preorder at a discounted price. Please access the discount here:

The details (From the desk of Julie):

Julie's Book is out, well on the 15th. But you can pre-order now!

Come to my Dancing Book Launch Home Partay.
(Perhaps the last one.) - Julie [I certainly hope it's the first of many - Frenchy]

Julie worked (on and off/ but mostly on) this project for about 2 years. This is Julie's first publication ever (probably why it took so long). The book is very nice looking (about 23cm. x 18 cm.); it has a lot of colored pages (err… Brian complained), and some funny words. The DVD takes a while to watch so you're really getting a lot for your money. There are has some singing, gossips, and green screen videos. If you feel like investing, you can treat yourself with a copy of the "Limited Double Standard", that is the deluxe book cover (knitted).

The launch will take place at
250 North Avenue 57, Los Angeles 90042.
Saturday December 15, 7-10 PM

I am thinking of doing a small walk though of the book.

Julie is happy to share her launch event with her pal Ami Tallman, who will be releasing her book titled There Weren't Many Girls Around, So We Dated Ideologies. This Left Us Always on the Brink of War. We Often Discussed That a Likely Result of Battle Would Have Been More Girls to Go Around Amongst the Survivors, but We Quibbled Rather Than Acted, & Slept Alone in Our Cold Beds Dreaming of Glory. Julie and Ami have been friends for a while now so it's okay to share an event like this one.

About us: 2nd Cannons Publications was born in 2003 in Los Angeles, while Brian Kennon was walking from the living room to the kitchen. He never made it to the kitchen. Julie Lequin is a French Canadian who makes videos and other things such as list-making, stories, and props. She likes to create characters inspired by friends, her 2 parents, and NPR. Julie takes pleasure in imitating voices, thinking about outfits for videos, and checking nerds out while biking.

You can always buy (with a credit card) yourself a copy of Julie's The Ice Skating Tree Opera- Director's cuts by visiting the website or calling Brian's telephone number- that is: [I'm not putting Brian's number out here for all the telemarketers of the world to see, so just check the link, OK? - Frenchy]

The gossip column about the launch will be available here:

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