Sunday, December 2, 2007

Finally! Another idiotic poll from FBC! What's the artist you hate to love?

Dear beloved devoted readership, yes, all 25 of you (maybe more, I still don't monitor stats), it's been a long time since FBC! hasn't polled you on something deeply relevant to the sorry state of today's Posmodern culture, global warming, French and US politics and tutti quanti.
I had to remedy this, but alas was a bit short of ideas. Luckily, I've been inspired by the other extended network, the better designed one that attracts people who have attended college, can spell, are older and therefore not so willing to display themselves in various stages of undress.

On that fabulous time-waster of a procrastination tool, where I've discovered I was a left-brained Heideggerian bunch of asparagus, in addition to being Apollo (that was before I discovered I could be a Greek goddess too), the Empress Theodora (what dictator are you app.), something called Impurity in Degree of Hell (I haven't understood that one yet) and if I were an artist I would be Jeff Koons.

Alas, I cannot compete with such an imaginative series of "what would you be if", so instead I'm offering you another one. Remember when I admitted to liking the Sue de Beer piece at Sandroni Rey recently? It's your turn now! What's your guilty secret? Which outrageously embarrassing artist do you like but would never admit to in public? I've added a non-visual artist for my cool bunch of normal readers (Hi Annie, Jonathan and Mike! Hope you had a great Turkey Day!).
Please go to the bottom of this page to vote!

The picture is of my Damien Hirst-like tablecloth, but I'm sure my devoted FBC! fans had recognized it.

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