Thursday, December 4, 2008

Your Social Life Not At Art Basel Miami Beach!

Yeepee! Like the art market next year, after everybody realizes how bad the recession is, here in Los Angeles today we are now between ourselves. Unlike my chic Frenchy self, and you, my classy readers, many artsy-fartsy mindfucks are now vulgarly displaying their wanton greed and lack of class by pretending to shop (but really are partying at art dealer's expenses) in Miami Beach. For the small minority of my non-art readers, this time of the year is when the art world congregates to Miami because a shitload of art fairs are taking place there.
So many it's hard to keep count and recognize what's what (there's Art Basel Miami Beach, the one and only, Nada, Pulse, Scope, etc, etc) so basically every segment of the art market is there. Some of these people will no doubt discuss the current MOCA troubles, in between hard bargaining for discounts, numerous nasal trips to the restrooms, and for the already broke ones, booze and schmoozing and schmooze and boozing.
We in Los Angeles are not vulgar enough, we're more inclined to intellectual and cultural pursuits, as I said. Now is the time to go see all the shows you haven't seen in LA yet (yay!) and frequent a few openings and benefits (I didn't say "openings with benefits", as I have no control over your salacious minds.)

OK, so what's there to do? Saturday you will have to drive between Pasadena, Hollywood and West Adams.
In Pasadena there's Techno Eyes For The Brewery Finale @ The Armory, at the Armory then as I'm sure you have gathered, with several FBC! pals: April Durham, Will Fowler and Pam Strugar, as well as Linda Parnell and Jill Poyourow, from 6 to 9 PM.
In Hollywood C4 Gallery has an opening with someone who is an old pal as well, and a very good photographer, Matthew Betcher, and Frank Poole who I do not know, but will discover on Sat. It's from 6 to 11 PM, and if you look at the jpeg invite above it gives you tricks about parking in Hollywood on a Sat. evening (can't they move the clubbing to the Valley or Orange County for God's sake? )
And in West Adams is the benefit for Les Figues Press, from 7 to 11PM. Suggested donation is $15-$25, a trifle to support literature, don't you think?
Before you do all this, you can also spend the afternoon in Chinatown and catch up on the Darren Almond show at Dave Patton.

Sunday, goodness gracious, what can you do on Sunday while your moneyed friends in Miami are trying to nurse their hangover? You can cultivate and elevate your mind in Pasadena while attending the 3 PM discussion about Duchamp at the Norton Simon, between Simon Leung and George Baker. FBC! has written one of her master theses on "Original and facsimiles in contemporary museography: Marcel Duchamp's Large Glass and Readymades" under Thierry de Duve (sometimes, I feel the need to brag, sorry) so I'll try to attend if I can.
Speaking of lectures and Duchampian scholars, de Duve I believe is in residence at the GRI at present so hopefully he and you will attend Ken Gonzalez-Day's Tuesday 3.30 PM lecture "Of the Love of Mankind - and other “Failed” Systems"at the Getty Museum's Lecture Hall. It's not on the Getty website, so I think it's one of the "closed" events for which you have to RSVP: 310 440 7438 or email: SSchlosser AT getty DOT edu

And I'll announce it again next week, but don't forget LAXart holiday party and live auction, next Thursday.

Have fun out of Miami! You can join us at the Faceboog group here.

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