Monday, February 1, 2010

In Other Somewhat Related News

That you can file under "recession", "cuts" and "arts funding". As you may know, the city of Los Angeles is considering cutting funding for the Department of Cultural Affairs, in effect eliminating it altogether in a not-so-distant future. Knowing that the City is very near bankruptcy, that the unemplpyment rate is dangerously close to 15% in the City, that Nothrop Grumman is leaving the region, etc... I don't think whatever activism we, as the collective art world/art community can really do would achieve anything *that* significantly effective, but nonethess it seems vital to reiterate the economic importance of the arts in the local community to begin with, and the international impact of Los Angeles in the visual arts.

There will be a debate/discussion/town hall meeting at the Mandrake tomorrow evening. I'm linking to their Facebook event page, but I'm sure you can just show up after 8 PM and join the conversation. You can also log on this page and participate to the movement to try and keep the DCA afloat. Your presence is actively required at this Wednesday's Council Meeting.

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