Thursday, February 18, 2010

Your Social Life

Quickly, because I know the attention span of the Twitter crowd is brief and scatterbrained.

There are only 2 things you should do this weekend. One of them is attending the closing of All Time Greatest at FOCA, with a special performance by Simon Leung tomorrow. It starts at 7 PM and the performance is at 7.30.

And on Sunday afternoon, please go to Collaborations, Collaborations, Collaborations at REDCAT, organized by FBC! friend Harold Abramowitz: you will attend readings by la crème de la crème of avant-garde writers in Los Angeles. I'm linking to the Facebook event page because I can't find it on REDCAT's website. And, speaking of REDCAT, if you're flush and there are tickets still available (?), you could also see the Wooster Group performing North Atlantic.

That's all. Have a great weekend!

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