Friday, December 17, 2010

A Child Christmas In Wales - Non Sucky Non Christmas Music With No Less Than John Cale

You really didn't think I wasn't going to post any more John Cale this year, did you?

The Committee For The Improvement Of Christmas Music continues its evangelical work with a song that has "Christmas" in its title, more as a homage to Dylan Thomas than as a *real* Christmas song.

This song famously begins the Paris 1919 album, which Cale beautifully played in its entirety at Royce Hall's UCLA at the end of September, the high point of 2010 for this Frenchy.  Here's a bootleg of Cale doing the same song in Brescia earlier this year (with newer arrangement by Randy Woolf), so you have an idea of how it was.

If you're in Barcelona this Spring, Cale does it again at the Primavera Sounds Festival , where other luminaries include a reformed Pulp, Nick Cave's Grinderman, Animal Collective, Belle & Sebastian, Half Japanese, and others. There's also Suicide playing, I have seen them twice, and it's EXACTLY what you would expect.
I hope for lots of good jamming and guests spots for all the musicians and the audience there. Alas, I cannot go, but if you live in Europe the festival tickets are really inexpensive, so I guess a combination of  low-cost flights and cheap hostels can make it a great experience.

Meanwhile, it's still non-sucky non-Christmas music season here at the FBC! Headquarters, so ladies, gentlemen and transgendered readers, enjoy!

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