Thursday, December 16, 2010

Your Social Life - Wrapping Up The Year Nicely

While yours truly is busy wrapping up the year, art events continue in Los Angeles!
One opening I've missed was yesterday's Hanne Darboven at Regen Projects, complete with a live performance. No idea how it went, so if anybody has feedback, I'll take it. Continuing at Regen is the Doug Aitken show.

Tomorrow Friday Las Cienegas Projects will present Simon Leung, Yvonne Rainer, Nils Schirrmacher, which should be beautiful. And packed, as everybody who's anybody wil be there! Don't miss it.

Still in Culver City, but  on Saturday Joel Tauber, otherwise known for his Sickamour project, has a show opening at Susanne Vielmetter, Pumping, a massive installation that has been several years in the making. Same day, same location, Robert Olsen has an opening too.

Also on Saturday in Culver City, The Mandrake Bar will celebrate the installation of the Dave Muller mural, from 6 to 8 PM. Since it's a bar, I have no idea if the reception means free drinks or business as usual, in any case it's always a good reason to go and check it out.

Further West and on Saturday, Dorit Cypis will have two performances at 18th Street in Santa Monica. Please click on the link above to register on the FB page and reserve one of the two time slots to attend.

On Sunday in Pasadena, closing reception at Offramp for ArtZone where you can do some affordable holiday art shopping.

And this will conclude the last edition of YSL for 2010. I'll post a bit of music again soon, but that's it for the art stuff until early next year.
Have a great Hannukchristmaskanzaatheist holiday, ladies, gentlemen and transgendered people reading me, and do not harm thy neighbor nor censor thy art.

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