Thursday, December 9, 2010

Your Social Life - Abbreviated

Casino-Luxembourg Forum d'Art Contemporain, "Aquarium". Photo: Jessica Theis – Blue Box Design, 2009.

As I warned my beloved readership recently, the posting here at FBC! will be very light until mid-January, as I'm busy preparing a trip to the old homeland. I haven't paid attention at all to whatever was going on in town this week, so quickly:

1) A few galleries in LA are showing David Wojnarowicz A Fire In My Belly, but better yet, the Hammer Museum which, shall I remind you, is celebrating its 20th anniversary by offering a free entrance to its premises (until Dec. 18th), will be showing the video in its entirety and on a loop, starting today and until Dec. 17th. You can also watch it online on the site of PPOW who represents the estate, and has been kindly sending out screening copies all over the country.

2) EGHQ is having an opening on Sat, for David Hendren

3) There's an opening at Pepin Moore  in Chinatown tomorrow evening.

4) For the writers out there, Triple Canopy is issuing a call for proposals. I normally don't relay this type of info but this particular case, the areas covered are interesting, and they do pay a (very modest) $500 fee for the winning commissions.

5) And, for the artists under 40 reading me (the many, many of you, right?) the Casino-Luxembourg has a residency program. Yours truly has curated there in the past, it's a really cool space and it is smack right in the middle of Europe. residencies are always a great way to meet people and create new work, so I hope some of you will apply.

6) I apologize to the few people who asked for an exchange of links during the past week. I'm open to it as long as it is an arts link, but I haven't really had the time to update the links section of the blog recently and it probably won't happen before mid-January. So, if you're still reading me, please email me around January 15 and I'll work on it. Thanks!

7) Lastly, yesterday I went on a whim to the opening of the Lucknow exhibition at LACMA. I know zilch about Indian Art of the 18th century, but even with zero knowledge I was blown away by the artworks. It's a fantastic exhibition and it officially opens to the public on Sunday. It's also the perfect show to take your family over the holidays.

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