Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Series of Very Important Announcements From Frenchy

Helloooo dear beloved, devoted readers!
I woke up with a bad headache so I'm barely functional today, but I really, really want to announce to the world at large a series of incredibly important announcements.

First of all, it's my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday little bro, I miss you! It's also my friends Devi and Wendy's birthdays, and they are very cool ladies so I'd like to celebrate them here too.
In addition, I want to rejoice publicly because my little bro Skyped me and told me I was going to have another niece or nephew next year, so it's a happy day!
To keep on with personal issues, if you've read the post below about THE SHOW YOU HAVE TO SEE IN PORTLAND, OREGON this weekend, you know already artist Salvatore Reda is the new dad to Renee. Welcome Renee!
And lastly, I don't know if she reads it yet, but my old high school friend Maria-Sophie and I reconnected over Facebook (so this thing does have a purpose, after all!) and I'd like to welcome her if she reads the blog.

And to go back to our regular series, FBC! is going to resume the Your Social Life postings once a week, starting next week. If you'd like to let me know about what you're doing, please send me your press releases at the blog address, about a week before your show opens, and be nice and attach either the invite or a couple jpegs, low-rez please. I don't promise I'll post everything as I'm still very busy writing, but I'll try. One note, I do not post about lifestyle openings, i.e. furniture stores and other clothing events, so it's a bit useless to add me to your mailing list for the next Melrose opening of your derivative modernist beige desks store.

Mark your calendars already for September 12 and 13: Stephen Kaltenbach at Anotheryearinla, Martin Kersels at SMMOA, and the immense Edgar Arceneaux at my favorite gallery, Susanne Vielmetter. Also next Saturday is that horrible bi-annual moment when all the LA galleries reopen, and you have to go on a nightmarish journey of crosstown traffic between Chinatown, Culver City and the few WeHo galleries. I'll skip that, urgh, and I won't be at the LAXart benefit, but I urge people with a bit of money to spare to attend. It's, IMHO, the most vital place for contemporary art in LA, and it needs your funds.

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Thanks my sister! :)