Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Judith Bernstein at The Box

Speaking about seasoned, mature artist, The Box has chosen to present work by Judith Bernstein. A smart and funny angry feminist, with political work from the 1960s denouncing the Vietnam war (and many other things) and giant, angry dicks populating the gallery. What's not to love? Before anybody gets the wrong idea (well, I cannot prevent you), for the record I think these drawings are extremely powerful. It would be smart from our local art collectors-generous benefactors to buy a few and donate them to our LA museums.

There was one very appreciative kitty that came and visited the gallery with us.


joydah_ydutav said...

Thank you for talking about the wonderful Judy. Not only a powerful artist but an equally amazing teacher, she puts together studio classes called "outrageous/outscale" and "ugly/beautiful" at SUNY Purchase. Her critiques are inspiring and she really pushes the student to the max!

Jan Theuninck Art said...

Also a giant dick is Phalluzoïde ou L’Origine du Sexe, an acrylic on canvas painted by Jan Theuninck in 1999.