Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alexis Smith At Cottage Home/Tom Solomon

Our last stop in Chinatown was the Alexis Smith show at Cottage Home/Tom Solomon. Smith got a double-billing, so to speak, with her other show at Margo Leavin (who needs a serious website, dammit, not that lame artnet.com hosted page). There was a recent article in the LAT about how Smith had lost her old studio in Venice.
Tom Solomon kindly took the time to show us pieces by other artists upstairs, including an exquisite Sol Lewitt work on paper and a no-less exquisite Douglas Huebler, both of them I'd love to proudly display over my desk, if I could buy some art. He also regaled us with stories about his former life as a curator (I always suspected he was one, given the love he displays for the art) and about meeting Gordon Matta-Clark when he was 9. We had a great time, alas my shoulder was killing me, so it was clearly the moment to get back home.

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