Friday, January 8, 2010

LaLaLand Museum To Ditch Usual, Standard Non-Profit Heads For Famed Commercial Gallery Director?

Rumors have been madly flying around in LA and in the virtual world as to whom would be tapped to be the next director of MOCA. While the museum is currently touting is wonderful collection, word on the street is that among the three names being mentioned in the LAT article quoted on the link above (Lisa Phillips, Lars Nittve, Jeffrey Deitch), the strongest contender is Jeffrey Deitch.
FBC! would have liked Lars Nittve very much, the man has impeccable international credentials as a museum director, though probably not the type of pull that brings in the wealthy donors and collectors MOCA desperately needs to survive.

We'll know for sure on Monday when the museum introduces its new director, but if it's Deitch we can foresee some unprecedented issues revolving around conflict of interests arising. Can a powerful gallery director steer a non-profit museum toward a new direction without abandoning its committment to aesthetics, scholarship, conservation and education? Because, you know, museums are not ONLY about spectacular exhibitions that bring foot traffic: for this, here in SoCal we have Disneyland.

One thing seems pretty certain about MOCA's next director: (s)he won't be called Michael. Whether (s)he wears cowboy boots is not determined yet. No word also about whether a naked Lady Gaga will spring out of a cream cake to announce the winner's name, or if a remake of the 10 commandments by Francesco Vezzoli will follow the press conference, starring Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst as Moses and God, respectively.

[yes, I am well aware the picture above shows a store sign in Chinatown. Sorry, I hadn't any picture of MOCA or Deitch handy]

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