Friday, January 22, 2010

Please Excuse This Unvoluntary Interruption In Our Service

Los Angeles has been subjected to heavy rains since the end of last week. Consequently (or maybe unconsequently, it's hard to tell) the FBC! household has suffered several interruptions of power and of its internet connection, between a few hours and a full day and a half in some cases.
As a result I've been unable to update the blog and resume the weekly installments of Your Social Life. Hopefully next week should see us get back to normal.
Meanwhile, there's a bunch going on this Saturday, but I'm not linking as it takes too long (and my connection may break up again soon).

Quickly, this weekend: opening at David Kordansly, USC's MFA open studios, the show at 18th Street in Santa Monica (curated by Bob Sains & Andrea Bowers, if I recall correctly), the inaugural show at Susanne Vielmetter new space in Culver City, Matt Mullican at Kunsthalle LA in Chinatown and if you are in Springfield, Oregon don't miss Winter Freeze at Ditch Projects.

You can complete that round-up by visiting shows that have already opened a while ago, such as the current exhibition at Steve Turner Gallery, the painting show at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, the one at the Torrance Art Museum, and Air Pressure at the Glendale College Gallery.
And, if you are in NYC, don't miss Ivan Morley at Kimmerich (Morley is a close FBC! friend and my favorite living painter) and the group show at Wallspace.

Lastly, if you are driving in Los Angeles these days, don't forget to: switch on your headlights, make sure your windshield wipers are not worn out, drive slower than usual, keep a bigger safety distance between cars, and switch off that stupid cell phone of yours.
This was a PSA by FBC!, happily applying her lack of monetary resources to lobby for public safety for all on the road. Thanky, you people.

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