Monday, July 30, 2007

Celebrity spotting in Los Angeles!

Dear anonymous hapless reader,

you who stumbled upon this page by complete accident. If you live here in Los Angeles, send me your Art World Celebrity Alert! The best ones will be posted bi-weekly.
But there must be some rules, or it would be too easy. It must be in a 100% (OK, 80% will do) non-art situation.
Openings don't count, so no " OMG I've seen Ed Ruscha and Dennis Hopper at the Gago opening!". Ditto art schools debt-incurring or intensive gallery hopping.

No, you must send me things such as: "spotted Mike Kelley at the PCC swap meet buying 1950s era political buttons". Or, "saw Sterling Ruby totally trashed at the Grove Cheesecake Factory raising hell because no one recognized him" (although, if you do happen on such an unlikely scene you have a lot of explaining to do about your own presence in said chain store.)
You can include curators too: "saw Ann Goldstein browsing books at Hennessy & Ingalls" (bonus if you can see what she was buying), art dealers (Larry Gagosian earns you double bonus), collectors or critics. In the latter instance, spotting Bruce Hainley walking his dog Petunia won't count because you just have to stalk him outside his house and I like Bruce too much to tolerate this.
Anyway, send our sighting at doghouserileyAThotmailDOTcom and I'll post them.

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