Sunday, July 29, 2007

Things That Fall

I am going to deviate from my contemporary art break. One of my two not-anonymous-anymore readers (Hi R.G! I'm glad I help you procrastinate!) paid me a compliment about having a flexible mind.
So I thought I could depart from my self-imposed contemporary art exile decision and simply post you the link to Joe Scanlan's site.

It is late and my neck and skull are starting to hurt like hell, so I will be brief. Joe Scanlan is IMHO the most underrated American artist of the moment. When the market crashes, I think he will be something like the next Robert Gober, the suddenly re-discovered great artist no one was paying attention to because he was not churning ugly paintings by the dozen to Russian mob tycoons and Florida trophy wives.
His work is dry and hilariously funny and intellectually ambitious, nourished by a deep knowledge of art history. I sure hope someone will realize it soon and will give him a long overdue survey show.